Clairvoyance Skills

Interesting Professions Where Predictions and Clairvoyance Skills Are Used

Do you think the job of psychics or astrologers is only limited to zodiac sign reading or interacting with spirits? Even though we have labeled a few jobs as psychic professions, their skills are actually applicable in vast fields. If you are confused about where and how, check these so-common jobs around us that often use physic intuitions and predictions for their work.

Constructions and architecture

Building a structure or residential property is always dependant on the owner’s interests and geographical suitability. Apart from that, many cultures, especially eastern or middle-Asian, actually believe that the design and direction of the property and owner’s personality are interdependent.

Clairvoyance Skills

The popular Vaastu Shastra or Feng Shui predictions are closely related to several architectural principles and designs, making them an intricate part of the construction business. These days, owners often consult such astrologers or clairvoyant readers to ensure their property design suits their personality and zodiac energy.

Mental health treatment

Drugs, gambling, or trauma-addicted patients are the difficult ones to handle. Mental connectivity often helps therapists understand their patients and approach them with a fruitful solution. Physic skills help understand the root problem, diagnose the issue and achieve proper connection to heal internally.

Over the medicines or treatments, spiritual rejuvenation quickly helps the patients understand their trouble, accept the therapy and heal internally. Holistic development through mindful behavioral counseling can nurture the internal soul and mind to overcome the strangling stress and abuse and step out optimistically.

Marriage matchmakers

Zodiac matching is often a mandatory step in arranged marriages which is now getting infused into love relationships too. Future astrology or tarot readings of the couple can determine if their personalities and spiritual energies are compatible with one other for spending the rest of their life together. Couples also approach the predictors and readers to get a glimpse of their future life and prospects to determine if they are with their worthy partners.

Medical diagnosis and treatments by medical intuitive

Psychic studies and science have never been hand in hand, as the predictions weren’t backed by any principles or experiments anytime. Still, medical diagnosis often relies on the psychic abilities of the practitioners to approach the root problem of any illness.

Medical intuitive or medical clairvoyants are similar to skilled doctors, but they depend on their intuitive skills and natural perceptions instead of scans and tests. Rather than believing the scientific reports, they interact, understand, and extract the root diagnosis from the patients themselves. It indeed helps the doctors achieve a pinpoint diagnosis of mental status and internal health that isn’t wholly presented by the scientific reports.

Clairvoyance Skills

General counselors

Astrology and tarot reading can efficiently work for health, relationship, career, or investment counseling. People approaching the counselors for advice or solutions for various issues benefit a lot more if the counselors are psychic.

Since they can see through the past, present, and the future, they can guide well to make proper decisions. Using cards or zodiac readings, they can further assist their clients with specific solutions instead of suggesting them any general stuff.