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Interesting Professions Where Predictions and Clairvoyance Skills Are Used

Clairvoyance Skills

Do you think the job of psychics or astrologers is only limited to zodiac sign reading or interacting with spirits? Even though we have labeled a few jobs as psychic professions, their skills are actually applicable in vast fields. If you are confused about where and how, check these so-common jobs around us that often use physic intuitions and predictions for their work.

Constructions and architecture

Building a structure or residential property is always dependant on the owner’s interests and geographical suitability. Apart from that, many cultures, especially eastern or middle-Asian, actually believe that the design and direction of the property and owner’s personality are interdependent.

Clairvoyance Skills

The popular Vaastu Shastra or Feng Shui predictions are closely related to several architectural principles and designs, making them an intricate part of the construction business. These days, owners often consult such astrologers or clairvoyant readers to ensure their property design suits their personality and zodiac energy.

Mental health treatment

Drugs, gambling, or trauma-addicted patients are the difficult ones to handle. Mental connectivity often helps therapists understand their patients and approach them with a fruitful solution. Physic skills help understand the root problem, diagnose the issue and achieve proper connection to heal internally.

Over the medicines or treatments, spiritual rejuvenation quickly helps the patients understand their trouble, accept the therapy and heal internally. Holistic development through mindful behavioral counseling can nurture the internal soul and mind to overcome the strangling stress and abuse and step out optimistically.

Marriage matchmakers

Zodiac matching is often a mandatory step in arranged marriages which is now getting infused into love relationships too. Future astrology or tarot readings of the couple can determine if their personalities and spiritual energies are compatible with one other for spending the rest of their life together. Couples also approach the predictors and readers to get a glimpse of their future life and prospects to determine if they are with their worthy partners.

Medical diagnosis and treatments by medical intuitive

Psychic studies and science have never been hand in hand, as the predictions weren’t backed by any principles or experiments anytime. Still, medical diagnosis often relies on the psychic abilities of the practitioners to approach the root problem of any illness.

Medical intuitive or medical clairvoyants are similar to skilled doctors, but they depend on their intuitive skills and natural perceptions instead of scans and tests. Rather than believing the scientific reports, they interact, understand, and extract the root diagnosis from the patients themselves. It indeed helps the doctors achieve a pinpoint diagnosis of mental status and internal health that isn’t wholly presented by the scientific reports.

Clairvoyance Skills

General counselors

Astrology and tarot reading can efficiently work for health, relationship, career, or investment counseling. People approaching the counselors for advice or solutions for various issues benefit a lot more if the counselors are psychic.

Since they can see through the past, present, and the future, they can guide well to make proper decisions. Using cards or zodiac readings, they can further assist their clients with specific solutions instead of suggesting them any general stuff.

What Questions Should I Ask During A Tarot Reading?

People visit tarot readers and get tarot card readings because they may have questions about their life; they may be facing problems that they need solutions for, such as struggling to maintain their relationships, being conflicted over a job offer, confused over their purpose in life, and much more. Tarot readers are there to provide guidance and help each individual overcome the situations that trouble them and help them make decisions.

When receiving a tarot card reading, you are free to discuss anything with your reader; it is important to be open and honest so that your reader is able to give you accurate and applicable advice. In this article, we will be focusing on the topics and questions that are recommended you talk and ask about during your reading.


Every person deals with the issue of love – we all desire to be cared for and appreciated by another individual and to love someone else with our whole heart. The topic of love is the most commonly spoken about at tarot readings; many people wonder about when they will find their soul mate, about how to initiate a relationship with someone they like, or how to resolve a fight with their significant other.

Some questions you can ask your tarot reader on the topic of love are:

  • What can I do to help me find my soul mate?
  • What positive/negative things do I bring into my relationship?
  • What are the personality traits that are keeping me from finding love?
  • What can I do to open up my heart to love?
  • What can I do to make my relationship stronger?
  • How do I get out of my current relationship?

Career and Finances

You may be at a point in your life where you might be feeling stuck in your career; you don’t know if your chosen career is the right choice for you, or you might be having trouble deciding on the right career of you (especially if you’ve never had a clear goal regarding your career from childhood). Not being happy with your career or job can lead you to live a frustrated life; you currently might be at a breaking point and hence, choose to receive a tarot reading.

Your finances are related to your career. For example, your current job enables you to afford basic necessities, but you want to be able to afford some luxuries; a career or job change might help you achieve that. A tarot reader may be able to predict when your finances will improve or when it will be a good time to change jobs.

Some questions you can ask your tarot reader on the topic of career and finances are:

  • What skills can I make use of to advance my career?
  • How can I balance my work and personal life?
  • What kind of work/job should I be looking for?
  • How will I know if a job is right for me?
  • What steps can I take to increase my wealth?
  • What aspects of my mindset are limiting me from improving my finances?
  • How do I invest in myself?
  • What efforts can I make to improve my relationship with my boss?


Not every tarot reader is specialized to talk about and answer questions about health. Usually, tarot readers cannot answer a question about your personal health, such as what disease you might get in the future or how to manage symptoms of an illness you may currently have – it would be better to go to a doctor to get answers to these questions.

However, questions regarding health situations, such as if you have a loved one who is suffering from a chronic illness, could be answered by a tarot reading provider.

Questions on health you could ask include:

  • What should I be doing to help my loved ones overcome their health issues?
  • What changes should I make to my lifestyle?
  • How can I increase my energy levels?
  • What can I do to improve my well-being?
  • What are the issues I am ignoring regarding my health?
  • How can I cope with a health issue? What efforts can I make to cope with it?

The Future

We are all curious about how our future will look like; sometimes, a glimpse into the future can be the thing that keeps us going if our life and current situations are not going too well. Life is unpredictable; understanding what the future holds for us can keep us ready for the change that awaits us.

Questions about the future you could ask your tarot reader include:

  • What does the future have in store for me?
  • What can I do to make my future more positive?
  • What are the personality traits that will hold me back in the future? How can I work on them?
  • Who are the people that will be a part of my future?


The person we are – our interests, character traits, hobbies, friends, career, fears – all shape who we are; they add to us, our self-esteem, and our personality. However, we are all looking to improve on ourselves.

Your tarot reader can help you understand how to improve aspects of your personality by delving down into how those aspects have developed and where they stem from.

Questions you can ask your tarot reader regarding self-improvement include:

  • How am I preventing happiness from coming into my life?
  • What is my biggest fear? How has that fear limited me in my life? How do I overcome this fear?
  • How do I build my self-confidence and self-esteem?
  • Out of my family and friends, who helps me the most?
  • How do I manage my emotions better?
  • How do I accept myself for who I am?


These are just a few topics and questions to focus on during your tarot reading – you can come up with different topics and questions on the spot, based on the reading you receive.

Talking to your tarot reader about these things can help you solve many of your confusions about your life; they can help you find solutions to many of the difficulties you face.

What is Psychic Reading all about?

A psychic reading is a special trial to discern information through the use of heightened perceptive abilities; or regular addition of the fundamental human feelings of sight, sound, touch, taste and instinct. Though psychic readings are controversial and a focus of sceptical inquiry, a popular interest in them persists. Extensive experiments to replicate psychological effects have failed to detect any hypotheses in humans. Psychology is a pseudonym science and comprehensive statement.


So what is psychic reading online


If you want to learn about psychic readings, you are in luck. The variety of online mind learning services offers free trial minutes and big discounts for first-time customers. Free psychic reading online gives you the ability to try online psychic readers almost for free.


Whether you need to understand your love life, help make a career change, or have hot questions that keep you awake at night, free psychic lessons can give you the guidance you need to make the best decisions.


We have compiled a list of some of the best mind-learning services that offer free minutes and discounts for new members. Each of the online psychic services below offers various services, including love reading, tarot reading, dream interpretation, astrology, psychology, and phonics.


If you are ready to get free psychic reading from one of the best online psychic readers, here are our top recommendations.


The best sites for psychic reading online


  •   Psychic Source: Best for love readings (3 free minutes + 75% off).
  •   Keen Psychics: Best for guidance on big life decisions (10 minutes for just $1.99!).
  •   Kasamba: Best for live tarot readings (3 free minutes + 70% off).
  •   Asknow: Best for free medium reading.


1.) Psychic Source: Best for love readings 


Psychic Source is among the most popular online counselor services online. With over thirty years of experience, a team of 200-plus talented psychics, and thousands of satisfied clients, Psychic Source is a safe bet for anyone considering their first learning experience.


While Psychic Source offers free online psychic reading on all subjects, including money, work, and business, the site highlights its location, solid love reading. Clients can choose between live chat, phone, or live video sessions. It is reported that the live video call provides the most accurate tarot reading.


Psychics in the Psychic Source are familiar with various reading formats, such as divination card reading, divination reading, cartomancy, crystal vision, dream interpretation, horoscope reading, and energy work.


In addition to being competent, the Psychic Source team members are very focused on the clients. Therefore, every user can be sure of a friendly, sensitive, and understanding exchange with the psychic medium of their choice.


The Psychic source has very reasonable levels. In addition to the free 3 minutes, each minute can cost as little as $ 0.66, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The client can choose a 10-minute, 20-minute, or 30-minute package at will. Services are available 24/7.


The site emphasizes user privacy and harmless self-awareness. Psychic Source never shares private customer information, so you feel completely comfortable learning about a job or relationship.


  • More than 30 years in business (founded in 1989).
  • Intuitive Psychic reading by telephone, chat, or video call.
  • All advisers have been tested and verified.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Prices are $ 0.66 per minute and 3 minutes free.


2.) Keen Psychics: Best for big life decisions guidance


Keen Psychics is one of the most popular and well-known Psychic learning sites with over 35 million users to date.


The list of various services of the site includes categories such as Chinese, Mayan, and Vedic astrology, purification of the aura and chakra, and the pets. Of course, widespread practices such as numerology, astrology, and the reading of divination cards are also available.


According to user reviews, many Keen practitioners offer wise, in-depth advice and future learning relevant to major health decisions.

Active users can choose between email readings, phone readings, and online psychic chat. As of now, the site does not offer live video chat psychic readings. The site provides a useful, easy-to-read learning app for the user’s cell phone and easy record keeping.


Keen ratings are among the most attractive in the industry. Clients can enjoy a 10-minute interactive session of their choice or clairvoyant for only $ 1.99, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for paying customers.


New users can enjoy a free 3-minute subscription once they have provided the payment method.


  • Periods of reliable psychological study since 1999.
  • A Choice between calls, chat, or email readings.
  • There are over 1,700 online psychics to choose from.
  • Many filter options to narrow down your selection.
  • Ratings and reviews by the public for everyone to see.
  • The mental app makes it easy to learn on the go.
  • 100% private and confidential service.
  • 10 minutes for only $ 1.99 (the cheapest money in the industry.


3.) Kasamba: Best for live Tarot readings

After more than 20 years in the industry, Kasamba has achieved an astonishing number of top positions among 4 million happy site clients.


Kasamba focuses on detailed love, relationships, and spells common online with various spiritual tools, especially divination card reading and aura, crystal, and palm reading. Kasamba Psychics offer their services online, usually via email or live chat. Unfortunately, video chat is currently unavailable.


Every Psychic on-site is tested for accuracy, authenticity, experience, and skill. Kasamba Forum allows users to view advisor profiles and score points, learn about their expertise, and read real user reviews.


With so many deceptive, unreliable psychic sites out there, Kasamba stands out for its transparency, honesty, and ease of use.


Kasamba’s website is clean, simple, and easy to use. Once you have found a reader, you will need to register, provide a valid payment method, and complete a personal verification form. Clients enjoy a free 3-minute bonus with all new mentors and a 70% discount on the first session. The site accepts PayPal as a payment method.


Kasamba rates per minute vary from individual experts. While some counselors charge less than $ 1 per minute, those most in need can charge up to $ 30 per minute. It may be hard to believe that someone could withdraw $ 150 for a 5-minute Tarot card session, but thousands of reviews give a clear picture: Some people are willing to pay high dollars with real talent and accurate predictions.


Important: Kasamba offers many spiritual study options at a wide range of prices.

  • One of the most trusted sites, with over 3 million customers.
  • In-depth free psychic reading by online chat or email.
  • Specialties include love doctors, tarot readings, crystal readings, and more.
  • Individual psychic profile page for each person, where you can learn about their features.
  • Updates from previous customers.
  • Completely free lessons for the first 3 minutes of each session.
  • 70% discount for new members.


4.) AskNow: Best for mediumship

Founded 15 years ago, AskNow is one of the most popular psychic reading free websites, with millions of psychic readings to date. AskNow’s selection of advisors includes more than 70 team members.


The AskNow introductory package includes 5 free minutes for new customers, the best free mind-reading deal than any other popular app. Additionally, new users can enjoy 30 minutes of the mental session for $ 30, 20 minutes for $ 20, or 15 minutes for $ 10.


Another great feature on AskNow is the free quiz service: Visitors can get one-time advice by filling out a short form with a query, name, date of birth, and email. Then, AskNow will send you an email and provide paid readings with more details.


AskNow is very selective about the advisors in its group. All advisors are regularly monitored and evaluated to maintain site integrity and excellent standards. Site managers encourage clients to report any inaccuracies or conflicts in spiritual reading. Categories include love and relationships, career goals, dream analysis, and more.


AskNow Advisor ratings vary by type (rated, special, or primary) and client ratings. While some low-cost consultants charge as little as $ 3.99 per minute, professional advisers may charge $ 13 per minute or higher.


The website is very basic but easy to use. Registration is quick and easy. Mobile users can enjoy the useful AskNow app to read anytime, anywhere.


In business since 2005

  • Psychic learning sessions are available 24/7 by telephone or chat.
  • He focuses on questions about love, relationships, work, and money.
  • 15 minutes for $ 10 + 5 free minutes with one of their main Psychics.