Electrical and tactile stimulation

Electrical & tactile stimulation

These devices are used for sensory stimulation either via direct stimulation of sensory nerves with an electrical stimulator or via stimulation of the corresponding mechano-receptors with tactile stimulators.


Electrical stimulation devices

Model: Digitimer Constant Currentt Stimulator Model DS7A, Digitimer Ltd., Welwyn Garden City, England

used at: BIC Frankfurt

Technology: eletrical stimulation device, bipolar contact electrodes

Specs and comments: CE marking; electrical stimulation artefact unavoidable but relatively short (only visible at high sampling artes)


Piezo-electric tactile stimulation

Model: Piezostimulator 040401, QuaeroSys, Schotten Germany

used at: Bic Frankfurt

Technology: Piezo electric devices with braille-reader like piezoactuators

Specs and comments: needs filter plate in MSR