Patient monitoring page

Patient monitoring


Most MEG systems are equipped with additional EEG or polygraphiyc channels. Hence ECG usually comes for free and is recommended to be recorded whenever possible as it also simplifies later artefact removal.

Visual Monitoring

Magnetically shielded rooms may be equipped with a video camera mounted at some distance from the device. For MEG recordings under constant light conditions this seems to cause only constant offsets in the measurements however, changing light conditions (e.g. from presenting visual stimuli) might cause camera autofocus or the iris to work, causing massive artefacts. It is advised to go for a camera model where these mechanisms can be reliably disabled.

A dedicated MEG compatible eyetracking camera (see below) may be used for the same purpose but is costly.

Acoustic monitoring

Magnetically shielded rooms may be equipped with a microphone and speakers for patient communication. While using speakers  to communicate to the patient necessarily creates large artefacts when active, little is known about microphone related artefacts. If an aditory stimulation system is available on site this may be used for communicating to the patient with less artefacts.