Test datasets


  • MEG SIM. Web-portal resource that is available for testing various algorithms or methods for source localization,time-course characterization, using very realistic simulated data (i.e., based on individual MRIs and averaged spontaneous MEG data).
  • MMN datset used for tutorial/publications applying DCM for ERP analysis using SPM 
  • Kymata Datasets used to test hypotheses in the Kymata atlas. Comprising of (averaged) EEG and MEG sensor data, and current density reconstructions. The participants are healthy human adults listening to the radio and/or watching films.
  • Human Connectome Project Datasets  Over a 3-year span (2012-2015), the Human Connectome Project (HCP) scanned 1,200 healthy adult subjects. The available data includes MR structural scans, behavioural data and (on a subset of the data) resting state and/or task MEG data.