Teaching material

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Human Brain Mapping MEG/EEG Course

2010 Organized by Ole Jensen & Joachim Gross

2008 Organized by Sylvain Baillet & Riitta Salmelin

Biomag Satellites

2012 (August 25): Studying the brain as a network using MEG: pratical considerations.
Organized by Ole Jensen, Johanna Zumer, and Sarang Dalal

(talks to be uploaded early September...)

  • Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen - Connectivity analysis: the basics
  • Matthew Brookes - MEG connectivity measurements: What to do and what not to do
  • Vladimir Litvak - Dynamic causal modelling for MEG/EEG as implemented in SPM8
  • Laura Astolfi - Studying the brain connectivity by Granger-based multivariate approaches and graph theory: Theoretical basis and practical considerations
  • Adrian Guggisberg - NUTMEG's Functional Connectivity Maps (FCM) Toolbox
  • Robert Oostenveld - MEG channel- and source-level connectivity analysis using the FieldTrip toolbox
  • Tim Mullen - The Source Information Flow Toolbox for EEGLAB
  • Sylvain Baillet - Brain(Storming) through connectivity metrics
  • Matti Hämäläinen - Using the MNE software as a foundation for Source-space connectivity analysis
  • Cheryl Aine - MEG-SIM: A web portal for testing MEG analysis methods using realistic simulated and empirical data

2012 (30-31 August): DCM course slides

SPM course on MEG analysis

The Matlab analysis toolbox SPM (Statistical Parametric Mapping) - initially designed for the analysis of MRI data - was expanded to cover the analysis of MEG/EEG data. The Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at University College London incorporating the Functional Imaging Laboratory (FIL) offers a specific yearly SPM course on the analyses of MEG and EEG data.

2012 Slides and videos of the course in London, May 2012 are available online. The faculty included e.g. Vladimir Litvak, Gareth Barnes, Will Penny, Christophe Philipps, and Jason Tyler. Slides from a MEEG course in Lyon in April can be found here

2011 Two courses have been offered (i) in Brussels featuring Vladimir Litvak, Jéréremie Matteau, Jason Taylor and Christophe Philipps and (ii) one in London where the faculty included Vladimir Litvak, Gareth Barnes, Rik Henson, Will Penny, Stefan Kiebel, Jeremie Matteau, Jean  Daunizeau, Guillaume Flandin, Christophe Philipps.

2010 The faculty of the course in May 2010 includes e.g. Vladimir Litvak, Gareth Barnes, Rik Henson, Will Penny, Stefan Kiebel, Jérémie Matteau, Jean  Daunizeau, Guillaume Flandin, Christophe Philipps and slides of the course can be found here.

2009 To see slides from 2009, click here.


FieldTrip analysis

The FieldTrip webpage provides extensive documentation, tutorials and MEG data to run the tutorials. Also a reference documentation and a walkthrough are available on the website.
For those interested, the Donders Institutes runs a yearly FieldTrip course, normally mid of April.
In addition, there are videos covering basic tutorial teaching on FieldTrip by Julian Keil, Montreal available online.


Brainstorm course

We organize courses for institutions who are willing to develop a user community for Brainstorm. Please contact us to get you started locally.

2012 McGovern Institute, MIT, Boston MA (full day training): Sylvain Baillet, Francois Tadel

2011 Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill, QC (full day training): link

Information about the next courses in 2013 (Moscow, Seattle, Florence & Montreal): link


International Autumn School on Magnetoencephalography, Tübingen, Germany

2009 Christoph Braun was giving a talk on 'Physiological and Physical Basis of MEG'.

2008 Teaching included MEG data analysis (time-frequency analysis, beamforming, forward modelling) and basic principles of MEG.
Videos of the talks including slides can be found here. The faculty comprised e.g. Ole Jensen, Jens Haueisen, Jean Luca Romani & Krish Singh.